Episode 29: CRISPR, Tesla Model S, Encyclopedia Brittanica

This week, in honor the Gene Summit, Tim and Tom talk about CRISPR-Cas9, and it’s implications for the future of our species. In the arts, Tim sings the praises of the Tesla Model S, and in history, the guys observe the anniversary of the first edition of the Encyclopedia Brittanica. All that and the magic numbers.

Episode 26: Climate Data, Cradle Will Rock, Olympic Games

This week, Tim and Tom discuss the latest data about 2015 being (yet again) the warmest year on record, and what that might mean for the debate about climate change. In our arts segment, we discuss the 1999 Tim Robbins filmĀ Cradle Will Rock, and in history we observe the anniversary of the modern reinvention of the Ancient Olympic Games.

Episode Zero: Hello World! Scientific Consensus, Gay Marriage

In this, the introductory episode of the show, Tim and Tom introduce themselves, and (at least try) to introduce the idea behind the show.

We then move on to chat about the role of scientific consensus in the popular press, and talk about the recent arguments presented to the U.S. Supreme Court about gay marriage, and the role that science and religion each play in that debate.