Episode Seventeen: Demagogues

Another theme show this week, as Tim and Tom spend all three segments talking about demagogues.

In the news, we talk about a recent editorial by physicist Lawrence Krauss in which he lambasts religion in the name of science.

In history, we talk about the anniversary of the HUAC hearings that ultimately created the Hollywood Blacklist.

And in the arts, we talk about the magnum opus of Novelist Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, and how that novel plays out in modern American politics.

Episode Sixteen: Maternity Leave, Ex Machina, Edison’s Electric

In the story from this week’s news, Tim and Tom discuss the recent announcement by Marissa Mayer of Yahoo regarding her choice for her upcoming maternity leave. In the arts segment, they discuss the science fiction film Ex Machina. And in history, they discuss the anniversary in 1882 of Thomas Edison turning on electric power in New York City for the very first time.

You can read the article Tim references about the Baby Bust in America here.

Episode Fifteen: All About Taboo

In this episode, Tim and Tom discuss the recent shooting in Roanoke, VA, and the taboo surrounding showing the footage, they talk about the taboos broken by the film Brokeback Mountain, and the observe the anniversary of the beginning of the media craze around the Jack the Ripper.

Episode Thirteen: Sex Offenders, Walden, The Daily Show

This week, Tim and Tom discuss the case of an Indiana teen placed on a sex offender registry, they tip their hat to John Stewart’s departure, and they observe the anniversary of the publication of Henry David Thoreau’s Walden.

For those of you who prefer it when Tim and Tom disagree, this show is for you.


Episode Twelve: Philanthropy, The China Syndrome, The Bomb

This week, Tim and Tom use a recent gift to the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences to talk about the role of philanthropy in both science and religion, talk about the 1977 film The China Syndrome, and look at the 70th anniversary of the decision to drop the first atomic bombs.

Episode One: Religious Landscapes, Lewis & Clark, Frankenstein

In this, the first “official” episode of the show, Tim & Tom discuss a new research study about America’s religious landscape and how it was covered in the press, they talk about Mary Shelley’s famous novel “Frankenstein,” and discuss the 211th anniversary of the start of the Corps of Discovery.

You can find the full Pew study on America’s religious landscape here.

You can find the study on science and society here.


Episode Zero: Hello World! Scientific Consensus, Gay Marriage

In this, the introductory episode of the show, Tim and Tom introduce themselves, and (at least try) to introduce the idea behind the show.

We then move on to chat about the role of scientific consensus in the popular press, and talk about the recent arguments presented to the U.S. Supreme Court about gay marriage, and the role that science and religion each play in that debate.