Episode 25: Millennial Religion, Guy Fawkes Day, The Jungle

This week, Tim and Tom talk about a new Pew Study addressing religious attitudes among the youngest Americans, they observe a British holiday that commemorates an attempted firebombing, and they discuss the Upton Sinclair novel that is about so much more than meat. All that and the magic numbers.

Episode 24: Anointment, Box by Bot & Dolly, The Lisbon Earthquake

In this week’s news, Tim and Tom are inspired by Paul Ryan’s election as Speaker of the House to discuss anointment. In the arts segment, they look at a short film called Box, and in history, they look at the Lisbon Earthquake of 1755. Plus, the magic numbers return!


Episode 22: Women in Science, Real Genius, Church of the Sepulcher

This week, Tim and Tom talk about a recent New York Time article discussing the absence of women in Silicon Valley. In the arts segment, they talk about the sci-fi comedy Real Genius, and the history segment looks at the 1009 destruction of a holy site in Jerusalem.

The Times article is here.

The Wired story is here.

Episode 20: Retraction Watch, The Martian, Gregorian Calendar

This week, Tim and Tom talk about the academic watchdog Retraction Watch, discuss the premiere of the film The Martian, and observe the anniversary of the introduction of the Gregorian calendar.

Episode 19: Francis at Congress, Robot Sex, The Jesuits

This week, Tim and Tom discuss Pope Francis’ remarks to the joint session of Congress, and how it might make some on the right uncomfortable (it certainly seems to have rattled John Boehner’s cage). In arts, we talk about sex with robots (seriously). And in history, we observe the anniversary of the founding of the Jesuit Order.

Episode 18: Star Wars

In this special edition of the show, Tom and Tim spend the whole hour talking about the Star Wars franchise. We begin by looking at the state of affairs in America prior to the first film’s release, then discuss the impact it had on our generation. Finally, we look ahead to the premiere of the next film, and discuss how the franchise has changed opinions about science and religion around the world.

Episode Sixteen: Maternity Leave, Ex Machina, Edison’s Electric

In the story from this week’s news, Tim and Tom discuss the recent announcement by Marissa Mayer of Yahoo regarding her choice for her upcoming maternity leave. In the arts segment, they discuss the science fiction film Ex Machina. And in history, they discuss the anniversary in 1882 of Thomas Edison turning on electric power in New York City for the very first time.

You can read the article Tim references about the Baby Bust in America here.

Episode Thirteen: Sex Offenders, Walden, The Daily Show

This week, Tim and Tom discuss the case of an Indiana teen placed on a sex offender registry, they tip their hat to John Stewart’s departure, and they observe the anniversary of the publication of Henry David Thoreau’s Walden.

For those of you who prefer it when Tim and Tom disagree, this show is for you.