Episode 40: Super Tuesday, Leap Year, The Oscars

In this week’s news segment, Tim and Tom talk about Super Tuesday. In history they look at Leap Year, and in the arts they talk about the Academy Awards. All that and the magic numbers.

Episode 39: CDC Report, Saint Valentine, Tim’s Top Secret Project

This week, the guys discuss a recent botched job by the CDC regarding a recommendation about alcohol and pregnancy. In history, they discuss the historical figure of Saint Valentine, and the origin of the holiday that bears his name. ¬†And in the arts, Tim reveals the secret project he is working on. (SPOILER ALERT: It’s a musical).

Episode 38: Zika Virus, Super Bowl, Henry VIII

In this week’s news segment, the guys talk about the furor over the Zika virus. In entertainment, they talk about the frenzy over the “Big Game,” and in history, they look at the possible medical history of England’s King Henry VIII.