Episode 37: Academic Freedom, The Iowa Caucuses, B.O.B. vs. Neil Tyson

This week, Tim and Tom discuss the recent controversy over a faculty member at Wheaton College who is in hot water because of her choice of head covering, they talk about the recent feud between rapper B.O.B. and television personality Neil Tyson, and the look at the history of the Iowas Caucuses. All that, and the Magic Numbers.

Episode 36: Stereotype Threat, The Original Mac, Anthology Films

In this week’s news, Tim and Tom pick up on a story about an Ohio State researcher who examined the stereotypes about Christians and science, and how they might lead to self-fulfilling prophecies. In the arts, they look at the nature of film anthologies, and in history, they observe the anniversary of the arrival of the first Macintosh computer.

Episode 35: Scientific Transparency, Aaron Swartz, Neil Tyson Cartoons

In this week’s news segment, Tim and Tom talk about a recent NY Times editorial that advocates for better scientific transparency. In the arts they talk about a new cartoon poking fun at Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and in history, they pay tribute to the life and work of the late Aaron Swartz.

Episode 34: North Korean H-Bomb, Baseball Hall of Fame, The First Lottery

This week, Tim and Tom discuss the (possibly exaggerated) claims that North Korea detonated a Hydrogen Bomb. In the arts, they talk about recent inductions to the baseball Hall of Fame, and whether it signals a shifting attitude toward performance enhancing drugs. In history, the observe the anniversary of the first lottery.

Episode 33: Philosophical Physics, The Force Awakens, Federal Holidays

This week, Tim and Tom respond to a listener question about a recent physics conference that asks whether modern physics needs help from philosophy. In the arts, we talk about The Force Awakens, and what it means for the Star Wars franchise. And in history, we look through the list of federal holidays, and discuss where they came from, and whether or not some of them need to go. All that, and the magic numbers.