Episode Three: Artificial Intelligence, Exorcism, The Battle of Ypres

In this episode, Tom and Tim discuss a recent story about artificial intelligence by John Markoff in the NY Times (you can read that here), and contrast it with an editorial in Nature (you can read that here). We talk about the film The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and we discuss the 100th anniversary of the Second Battle of Ypres, a landmark battle of the first world war.

In our first segment, Tom mentions a book called The Devil Within.

And the book Tim couldn’t remember is called American Prometheus.

We encourage you to check them out.

Episode One: Religious Landscapes, Lewis & Clark, Frankenstein

In this, the first “official” episode of the show, Tim & Tom discuss a new research study about America’s religious landscape and how it was covered in the press, they talk about Mary Shelley’s famous novel “Frankenstein,” and discuss the 211th anniversary of the start of the Corps of Discovery.

You can find the full Pew study on America’s religious landscape here.

You can find the study on science and society here.


Episode Zero: Hello World! Scientific Consensus, Gay Marriage

In this, the introductory episode of the show, Tim and Tom introduce themselves, and (at least try) to introduce the idea behind the show.

We then move on to chat about the role of scientific consensus in the popular press, and talk about the recent arguments presented to the U.S. Supreme Court about gay marriage, and the role that science and religion each play in that debate.