Episode 46: Monumental Physics, The Illuminati, Young Adult Content

This week, after picking up on a previous story that proves that Tim and Tom are the cutting edge of journalism (sort of), the guys go on to explore a recent story about the Large Hadron Collider, and what it might mean. In the history segment, they talk about the 1776 founding of the Illuminati, and in the arts, Tom asks Tim about Young Adult content.

All that, and the magic numbers.

Episode 45: Bernie & The Pope, Library of Congress, Prince

This week, Tim and Tom discuss the meeting between the Pontiff and The Bern, discuss the founding of the Library of Congress, and observe Prince’s passing.

All that and the Magic Numbers.

Episode 44: Ribose in Space, Rogue One, House of Wax

In this week’s news, Tim and Tom discuss a scientific finding that may have implications for interstellar life. In the arts they look at the new trailer for Rogue One, and in history they talk about House of Wax, the first film released in 3-D. All that and the magic numbers.

Episode 43: Easter, Orson Welles, the Church of Tyson

In this week’s history segment, Tim and Tom talk about Easter, both the ancient and modern traditions. They look at a great essay by British writer Sam Kriss about Neil deGrasse Tyson, and they look back at a wonderful little film that NASA produced in 1975 starring the great Orson Welles. All that and the magic numbers.

Episode 42: Ego Depletion, Saint Patrick, Spring Break

In this week’s news segment, Tim and Tom talk about Ego Depletion, a long-standing concept in the psychology literature that may turn out to be bunk. In the arts section they talk about spring break, and in history they discuss the real-life Saint Patrick. All that and the magic numbers.

Episode 41: Competition, JPL Posters, The Telephone

This week, Tim and Tom talk about new social science research regarding competition, they look at a series of posters put out by the Jet Propulsion Lab, and they observe the anniversary of the invention of the telephone, and why it was spurned by its inventor. All that and the magic numbers.

Episode 40: Super Tuesday, Leap Year, The Oscars

In this week’s news segment, Tim and Tom talk about Super Tuesday. In history they look at Leap Year, and in the arts they talk about the Academy Awards. All that and the magic numbers.

Episode 39: CDC Report, Saint Valentine, Tim’s Top Secret Project

This week, the guys discuss a recent botched job by the CDC regarding a recommendation about alcohol and pregnancy. In history, they discuss the historical figure of Saint Valentine, and the origin of the holiday that bears his name.  And in the arts, Tim reveals the secret project he is working on. (SPOILER ALERT: It’s a musical).

Episode 38: Zika Virus, Super Bowl, Henry VIII

In this week’s news segment, the guys talk about the furor over the Zika virus. In entertainment, they talk about the frenzy over the “Big Game,” and in history, they look at the possible medical history of England’s King Henry VIII.

Episode 37: Academic Freedom, The Iowa Caucuses, B.O.B. vs. Neil Tyson

This week, Tim and Tom discuss the recent controversy over a faculty member at Wheaton College who is in hot water because of her choice of head covering, they talk about the recent feud between rapper B.O.B. and television personality Neil Tyson, and the look at the history of the Iowas Caucuses. All that, and the Magic Numbers.